Clinician User Guide-Navagation


  • Click "Resources" to learn about the development and how to use this program, to read an article on "How the Adaptations Function" and to read an article on Using Redecision Therapy with Different Personality Adaptations by Dr. Vann Joines.
  • Click "JPAQ Packet Material" to have access to the text content as well as other resources related to the Joines Personality Adaptation Questionnaire.
  • Click "My Clients" to add New Clients, review your clients and their survey results, purchase additional Tokens for surveys, review your remaining credits, and assign credits to clients to use for taking the survey.
  • Click "New Client" to go directly to adding a new client to your account.
  • Click "Manage Tokens" to Purchase additional tokens, see how many tokens you have remaining, un-assign an unused token from a client, or take a client with an assigned token to their survey for completion.
  • Click "Take Survey" to manually enter a token that has been assigned to a client so they can take the survey, or purchase one survey to be completed.
  • Click "My Profile" to update and complete your professional contact information.
  • Click "Log Out" to have the option to log out of your account.