Clinician User Guide-Manage Tokens


From here you can: Purchase additional tokens, see how many tokens you have remaining, un-assign an unused token from a client, or take a client with an assigned token to their survey for completion.

On this page you will see: how many tokens you have available for use, a list of purchased and assigned tokens, whom the tokens have been assigned to and rather or not the tokens has been used.

If a token has not been used you will be given the options to “Del” or “Take” in the action column.

  • Clicking “Del” will un-assign the token from the client listed in the row and credit your available tokens.
  • Clicking “Take,” will bring you to the 72 question JPAQ for completion.

If you do not have any survey tokens remaining or wish to purchase additional tokens, you may do so by clicking the "Buy Credits" button at the top of this page. Once you click this button you will be brought to a PayPal page with options on purchasing additional tokens.