Clinician User Guide-Client User Guide

Client User Guide:

To take the JPAQ, without your results being assigned to a clinician first go to: and click the “Take The Survey” link at the top right of the page. You will then be taken to a page instructing “Have a token from your clinician? Enter it here:” This is only for those who already have purchased a credit to take the JPAQ or have been assigned a survey token from their clinician.

If you have already purchased a token or been assigned one from a clinician, you may copy paste the 32 character long code into the box on this page and click submit. If you have not used your token and have correctly entered it into this box you will be taken to the JPAQ for completion.

If you already used your token or entered it incorrectly you will be given a message stating “Invalid token or token has already been used”

If you have not purchased a token or have not been assigned one from a clinician you may purchase access to take the survey by clicking the “Buy Now” button. Doing this will take you to a PayPal purchase page where you will be instructed on how to complete the purchase. Once you have completed your purchase through PayPal, you will be taken to the survey.

After you have completed the survey, click the “submit” button at the bottom of the page where you will be taken to the program's interpretation of your results, and a customized summery of your JPAQ profile.